Wednesday, 28 May 2014

New website!

Hello- I have moved my blog to my new website at

Any questions please email me at

Thank you!

Monday, 12 May 2014


Photos of my latest Horse commission, the beautiful Boo! I love working on natural markings, they have an extra 'life' to them I think.... :) 

Thursday, 27 March 2014

The Golden Pony

'The Golden Pony' is an articulated model, or sculpture, made from wood. She has a stiffened golden fabric mane and tail, with golden hooves. The wood has been oiled and polished so it really gleams! She's the first medium sized horse I've made with little ears too! 

She has 20 points of articulation, the neck arches and stretches very realistically- moves all the way down for 'grazing' or can be held high as though startled. The legs are realistically jointed, so they can be posed in many lifelike stances. 

The tail also has a bendy wire in it so it can be held high when prancing, or swept out behind as though in motion. 

She will stand unaided on 3/4 hooves, but also comes with a stand for rearing/galloping etc! 

Available now! The Golden Pony

She stands about 15cm/6in tall, I've included a picture of her standing on my hand to give an impression of the size. 

And please see my Facebook page for more of my work!

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Hares and Hound

Some new Hares in time for Mother's Day and Easter, and my newest design- The Hound! He's based on a Pharaoh Hound, hence the big ears! I'm really pleased with the range of expressions the face can convey as this was such an important part of the design. The ears and tail have wire in so they can be moved. 

Making friends!

All creatures available here- Etsy Shop

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

News and Moving Studio! Again!

So I've been fairly quiet recently, packing up my life ready to move up to the countryside for a while, but have a few new things on the way... The Hound is adjusted and I'm cutting the first "Final' one tomorrow, and this-

If you haven't seen BlackFish yet you should... 

Orca's are fascinating, so I thought I'd challenge myself with a completely different type of articulation... It's hurting my head, but I'm determined to make it work, complete with lower jaw movement and little teeth! 

More Hares on the way (well it is the season!) and a medium sized Horse, who I'm trawling my box of fabric for interesting pieces for inspiration for the mane and tail. I have some gorgeous turquoise which I'd like to use for a few underwater-sea-horses... 

And also, I have been accepted to exhibit at New Designers, One Year On in June/July this year!! I applied with crossed fingers, eyes and toes, so I was absolutely delighted to be chosen! It's THE BIG ONE, and I'm very excited! 

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

February Hares

Three new Hares available! Sitting here typing this with the wind and rain absolutely hammering down on my windows and feeling very grateful for being warm and snug in my studio... Bring on the Springtime!

 -caramel with blue silk heart/flower pattern ears.
         -natural wood with blue/white pinstripe cotton ears.
             -mauve tipped natural wood with matching velvet ears. 

This fabric is so lovely, I've wanted to make a caramel hare with these ears for a while, think the colours go together really nicely. 

Recycled pinstriped cotton ears on this one! 

Really pleased with the colour on this one, the ears are made from an old set of curtains! 

Friday, 31 January 2014

Ghost Ratty!

Sold! Little Ratty made with the beautiful translucent acrylic. She's gone to a lady who bought another Rat of mine last year! It's so nice to have repeat customers! I hope they get one well...haha... 

I LOVE this fabric- I've wanted to use it for so long but never quite found the right Rat...until now!