Friday, 25 March 2011

First Post!

Well, I'm getting here a little late I suppose... I think I've been a bit apprehensive about starting this, wanting to wow you all with a complete, amazing finished piece, presented in a clipped tone (leading you to imagine me wearing a sharp suit with my hair tied up into a neat bun...)

But yeah, that *may* have been a little naive... Things take a long time., so this will have to be about the journey...

So, better late than never and all that jazz...

Here we go :)


Oh's already not going to plan...the Uni computers don't seem to allow the pop-up which means you can add photos.

I'll talk about my work a little instead first then eh?

Well, I'm mooching in the pc lab (as though I don't have a two-page long list of 'IMPORTANT THINGS TO DO') as I'm waiting for a (slightly delayed by someone else's file going wrong) Laser Cutting appointment.

I'm making Rats, see. They're pretty articulated, made up of over 100 pieces per Rat, with 20 laters of moving parts. Which potentially sounds mental... IF I could upload a picture to explain better I would.... but that will have to wait.

So. First post. No fireworks... but there we go. LessThanThreeD is alive!

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