Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Etsy Shop! And recent goings-on.

Etsy shop opened, now I need to learn how to work the site and the linking thing throughout all my pages...and get some stuff put up there! I think I will be selling some old work, paintings and sculpture through it first...and then my Ratties after the degree show (unless they all sell out there! Which would be great!) SHOP!

It's going to be quite difficult to part with them I think, especially as they're hand finished so I ALREADY feel they have unique 'personalities'... (Oh dear, I'm both anthropomorphising AND personifying inanimate objects at the same time...) but then it will be nice to see them go to new homes where people will enjoy having them!

It's the Easter 'Holidays' at the moment (in quotes because it most certainly doesn't FEEL like a holiday!) so the workshops at uni are frustratingly closed...though it has given me opportunity to really catch up on all the supporting work for my degree. I was initially reluctant to start it, but I've really enjoyed working back with 2D materials, thinking over new designs and ideas...just using pens & pencils for drawing again!!

Anyways, I have an enormous 'To Do' list which I should get back to :)

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