Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Show is up!

It's difficult to photograph the whole thing as there is a board close behind... but this is what it looks like :)

Wednesday, 25 May 2011


I realised that the cut I managed to give myself on Monday (was it? I don't remember, all these days are blurring like mixed paint...) with my sharp fabric scissors, can be made into my logo!! I was ridiculously happy about this...
Not only is it hopefully going to scar as a permanent memento of the four wonderful years I've spent at Trent, but it's also in the shape of my future...LessThanThreeD!
Most Rats now base-coated & assembled, stored ready for their final layers & finishing touches :)
No Big Ratty, you are too big for the Rat Box... you must sit outside! I do feel so sorry for this one, he has this air of sadness, probably because he's been waiting around alone for so long! Love him lots though, love them all!
It's going to be quite difficult if people want to buy them... every one is special to me!
Right, must get up, off to pick up my business cards!

My desk :)

I love my desk, I'm going to miss it so much when I leave... think I'll have to buy my own for home...

Despite it being huge, I still find myself working on my lap a lot... but then I've never been a tidy person.

Anyway, it's COVERED in Rats :D

Next Acrylic Ratties

New stencil set done, I'm so pleased with them, esp the binary code (on pink all over base coat)... was just how I had imagined. Really happy with them all, looking forward to finishing them off!
I do love the freedom & slight unpredictability you find with spray paint, it's not about making a perfect image, it's about the process, splatters, mistakes, fingerprints, everything... which I like in contrast to the tight control I had to have over the laser cut design...

Monday, 23 May 2011

Photos from today.

As they're all coming together in one big Ratty wave, my batch production methods suddenly make sense! (Shh, I know it's past the deadline, but only by a little, and I have been waiting on my new stencils...)

Hopefully I'll have 18/19 totally finished Rats in the next two days... Show is up on Friday! Nervous, excited, loving being so totally absorbed by my work :)

And now for a few hours of sleep before I carry on...

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Ratties coming along...

As I'm starting to finsih them all they're all coming out with different personalities and styles. One of my goals was to have them all completely individual 'one-offs', but thought that would only be in appearance...now my over-active imagination sees them as having different characters too!

They don't have names as I believe it would domesticate them, they're wild urban Rats!! They are numbered though. Currently I have 18, number 19 is cutting on Monday morning, I'd eventually like to end up with 50, as a nice round limited edition...

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Pink & green big Ratties

Terrible light in these, but the colours are really bright in real life :) The grey on the pink looks like concrete and will be graffiti tagged... I'm not sure what's happening to the green one yet...

Today's work...

Little house has proved invaluable for Ratty storage!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Other stuff...

Few pics of the other things I've been squeezing into my limited laser bookings...

One little piggie made with second year's drawings, unfinished but hopefully you get the idea. Going to cut more & then they're going straight into the shop.

Filthy, spray-paint-covered hand included for scale...I'm an art student, I'm *supposed* to be messy... ;)

Tiiiiny little piggies! These are so small that I've lost a few of the inside-jaw pieces... :( I think I'll bump the scale up a bit and do some more, they're fiddly but fun. Piglest (typo but I like it, so it's staying) I guess...

Again, I don't really understand why my phone's messing these pictures up, but never mind... Hoss & Pig brooches available in DA3 shop in Nottingham, in between Boots & KFC (classy...) up at The Victoria Centre. More coming soon as I have time to finish them! Rat designs on their way too...

Dapper Rat- He's made with the back of a picture frame which had been thrown away. I really like the rough surface, you can't really see it in the picture, but it's kinda a waffley-texture...so I've contrasted it with smooth black surfaces. He looks a bit like an Alsation...

My beloved desk space! I'm going to miss uni so much, so I've taken photos to remember it... I think I may have to invest in a table like this though, it's been invaluable in terms of working space & storage...

I'm not sure why these have loaded with a reflection underneath...ahh well... This is the bigger 8cm head Rat on 3mm reclaimed MDF, so he's going to be a bit of a skinny one in comparison to to 6cm head ones on the same thickness, but then I have some chunky 6cm's on 4mm...and I suppose it's appropriate that they come in all different shapes & sizes like we do!

...aaand I'm not sure why the resolution is so bad on these...but this is two unfinished Ratties curled up in the box I'm using to carry all my 'Making Stuff' around in, thought they looked quite sweet :D

Second to last cutting!

8cm head & 6cm head, with some little piggies I'm going to put in the shop...

Sunday, 15 May 2011


Starting decor on the recycled poster board Ratties...

Bin-side MDF Rat has newspaper decor & pink floral ears & tail :)

Stencil detail on an acrylic leg... they're working really nicely, really rough, urbanised look which sets the scene exactly. I was thinking of buying an airbrush to make it neater, but actually I'm really enjoying the process of using splattery spray-cans, the run-off, the mess, it's all part and parcel of the characters I'm creating. 

Peel off of large tree stencil was very delicate! I think this image is my favourite as it's sort of a metaphor for life and decision making...following branches of endless possibility... I like the idea that there aren't 'Right' and 'Wrong' ways, just different ones which lead you down different paths... *getting all whimsical*...

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Stencil-Based Excitement!

Finally got my images cut into vinyl for transferring onto the Ratties. I'm really rather excited about it as it means I can start to finish them!

Took ages as the software was fussy & the images complicated...but I got there in the end.

Found a large piece of thin MDF which I should be able to cut a good few more little Rats from, and a load more jewelry pieces, so yeah, all pretty good!

Ideas for a simple yet effective display are coming along well, including a little doll's house! Though it's daunting I'm really excited about it all coming together :D

Monday, 9 May 2011

Dear Laser Cutter, I love you!

In the latest cutting I tucked a load of these tiny rats & tags into spare spaces, going to turn them into jewelry to tie everything together. I'm so pleased with them :D

Horse is another design which I'll put in our uni shop :) Bird is already in there for sale.