Wednesday, 25 May 2011


I realised that the cut I managed to give myself on Monday (was it? I don't remember, all these days are blurring like mixed paint...) with my sharp fabric scissors, can be made into my logo!! I was ridiculously happy about this...
Not only is it hopefully going to scar as a permanent memento of the four wonderful years I've spent at Trent, but it's also in the shape of my future...LessThanThreeD!
Most Rats now base-coated & assembled, stored ready for their final layers & finishing touches :)
No Big Ratty, you are too big for the Rat Box... you must sit outside! I do feel so sorry for this one, he has this air of sadness, probably because he's been waiting around alone for so long! Love him lots though, love them all!
It's going to be quite difficult if people want to buy them... every one is special to me!
Right, must get up, off to pick up my business cards!

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