Thursday, 30 June 2011

New Designers

Well, the first public day was today, thoroughly enjoyed myself! After feeling a little shy at the beginning I realised that I do know (and can talk about) a lot of Ratty-based chit-chat :)

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Further work on the Horse.

Arch & stretch of the neck.
Mouth open & close

Few basic poses...

Professional photos of my Degree Show

After a hectic weekend of celebrating/taking parental around show/visiting relatives/more parties and finally show-taking-down, I managed to get around to looking at the cd Ralph dropped off for me, with all my pictures in... totally blown away, they really capture everything about the Rats I wanted to...

Here's just a few, the rest are here on my Facebook Page :) 

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Articulating neck...

Neck Movements

I can't decide if it (the neck) is a touch too long... side by side with IRL horse images it looks right... but then...I dunno...
Real version printed out to be played with, then tweaked... then printed out again, then twaeked again until every shape is perfect.

I love working in vectors... Sometimes, after a few hours on a pc, I feel like I've disappeared completely into a vector-land where everything can be tweaked and rotated, stroked and scaled... It's a little worrying that I dream in Illustrator commands... A real-life ctrl-z would be amazing... as would a ctrl-c-ctrl-v... with cake and stuff...

Industry Private View tonight!! Very excited. I considered dressing up quite-posh-like...but I have blue dreadlocks & matching eyebrows... I'm not going to be convincing anyone I'm a sophisticated fashonista type. So I'm wearing a dress with stars and planets on :)

And the amazingly talented Mr Ralph Barklam came and took a load of photos of the show for me! His Facebook! They looked amazing on the camera display, really capturing their sneaky little chaRATchters ;P

Also, picked up my Pig-Bits from the studio, so will assemble them and put a few in the shop for the last few days, otherwise they'll be up on my Etsy shop soon enough.

I think that's quite enough for now... :)

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Beginnings of a Horse...

Having had a few days for the harsh reality of finishing to sink in, I find myself getting overly excited about the start of the next design... I kinda want to make him a Pegasus, a Unicorn... something magical and mythical and beautiful...all from old recycled stuff...but will start off with Horse I think... 

First few sketches... now begins hours of watching videos of horses, getting movements right, working out best places for pivots, moving lines millimetres... then the start of cardboard models, layers, widths, depths, balance... then perfecting the drawings...then first laser cuttings... it's a long process...but I absolutely love it.

It's kinda leading on from a project I already did, in my first year... which at the time I was really proud of, but now I only see the mistakes... SO, with changes, and all that I've learned...I'm going to make a better one... arching neck....using laser-cutting...layering instead of carving...being more honest with articulation & pivots... using reclaimed stuff... yes. I'm looking forward to seeing this herd...

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Degree Show!

It's up now, open to the public, until the 12th June in The Atrium, Bonington Building, Nottingham Trent University. Keep an eye out for escaped Ratties around the room... ;P 

I'm so proud of myself, I've truly never worked harder on anything in my life, so this feels like such an achievement, whatever grade I eventually get! The feedback from strangers & friends alike has all been so positive, means such a lot to hear other people appreciate the time, effort and thought that has gone into making them. 

They are for sale, (three have already got homes lined up) but won't be available until mid July, after potentially exhibiting at New Designers (EVERYTHING crossed that I get chosen to go!). Prices are between £60 and £200, so it really depends on the one that's wanted :) 

Hopefully getting professional photographs of each Rat individually done & up soon, my camera skillz are sorely lacking, and I don't feel mine really capture their spirits...