Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Easter Bunny sneak peek...and mini horse update.

A tiny, simple Easter Bunny, just small and cute, with a view to making a more complex articulated version in the future. 

Showing width of head, left is original, right is the new one, looks much better all round. 

Leap! Had to redesign hock joint as it was a bit weak at this tiny scale. 

Next cut tomorrow! Going to get up early and down to the laser cutter asap, it's almost tempting to go now and work overnight... Hopefully this will be the last test before final versions. I've made a Unicorn head for this scale too. As they're so small they should quite easily sit on thin metal poles, drilled into wood blocks, I could make a whole scene with them running together... 

*UPDATE* Well, I don't know if I can do a simple bunny, when I've always wanted to do a hare...they're quite elusive and strange creatures...so started a sketch of that... Now that the horse is coming together I need a new project...

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