Sunday, 31 March 2013

Gold and Pearl Unicorn

Hand shows size of these Unicorns, they really are 'Pocket Sized' :) I used to take my little toy horses with me and have them playing around tree roots and by riversides- I love the idea that you could do that with these too...

For Sale here-

...though I'm not sure Etsy is the right place to be selling them, I'm glad they're available...I just want someone to pick my work up and take it to all the places it would be the most suitable. I need an agent really! I have plans to take a Black Rat to the Black Rat Projects in Shoreditch, but it'a actually getting around to it that I'm having trouble with...

First Hare

So, I'm really pleased with this, despite a few wrinkles in getting the ears 'right', I think it's sorted. This Hare is already off to a new home, but I've got another few in the pipeline which should be up for sale soon.  Already thinking of the next design, Elephant or Tiger/Lion...

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Photos of latest work.

Really like this Mini Dun Pony, seems to have a lot of expression! The small ones are great as they are light enough to be on a bendy wire, so the possibility of poses is endless! There's a little Palomino pony on the way too, and two Unicorns, one gold and one pearl :)

Annnnd this is the finished large Unicorn, I absolutely love the translucent frosted acrylic, it just seems to glow under light. 

And I was 'inspired' by a friend to make a Super Space Unicorn image too... apparently it still needs lasers, guns and Chuck Norris riding on it's back...I'm not so sure... ;) 

Friday, 15 March 2013

Lots of making...

Unicorns meeting for the first time :) 
Lots of Horse Pieces
Two Hares

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Today I did...

My desk today with assorted creatures, great and small :) 

Mini Unicorn finished (apart from bolt that needs cutting on rear hip joint)
I LOVE the lustre and translucency of this acrylic, it just seems to glow under the light, perfect for Unicorns :) 

I really like this new flag-style of mane and tail, while it's a bit trickier to get right I do think it gives a lot more life and movement to them. The wire can be shaped so they still have all the expression, and the style fits in better with the overall design I think. It also means I can use patterned and loose-weave fabrics, though they do have to be the same both sides...I'm sure there's a technical term for that in textile circles... Ha.