Saturday, 27 April 2013

New Studio/Home!

Finally have the keys, contract signed, all going ahead! So obviously the very first thing I did was go and measure everything and build a digital model in SketchUp and work out where everything is going to go :)

It's MUCH smaller than my current one (which is being converted into a school) but the kitchen is separate, and enough storage for all my studio stuff. Tempted to build an attic-bed so I've got space underneath...

There is so much sky to look out at, it really does feel like a little nest in the side of a cliff, which just about makes up for the reduced size. *Sigh* I'm really going to miss this place though! Trying to stay positive, and excited, but I have a lot of great memories here. Ah well, onwards and upwards!

Everything is packed and ready to go tomorrow, and then hopefully get work up and running asap!

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Introducing 'Bombylius Major' (w.i.p)...

I've wanted to make a big heavy Shire/Cob with a convex, 'Roman nose' for a while now. They're such powerful horses, yet typically so gentle.

He was christened Bombylius Major after a friend and I found a very odd looking bug on my floor one morning...with a long wiggly proboscis. After Googling & discovering it already had an official name we stopped calling it 'Wiggly Nose Bug'...and I really liked the word- Bombylius is just so lovely to say, plus Major suits a big it all fits :)

I've had to redesign the legs slightly so they could have feathers, and took a few attempts to get the shape right, but I'm really pleased with them now. Looking forward to seeing the final piece all together.

AND, whilst sitting in the park, waiting for my laser cut to finish, I had a eureka moment!

I'll put it in context- I love wings, natural engineering at it's absolute finest, in my opinion, so recreating them has been my 'Everest'...and all of a sudden, out of the blue- it clicked how I could do it in layers... Which means Birds, and potentially a Pegasus... I've got so much on at the moment I can't really do anything about it YET, but this sketch is the start of something...

Friday, 19 April 2013

Quick update!!

Well, since having a couple of my images shown on Mister Finch's page (enormous grin) my life has become a lot more interesting! The traffic to my Fb page and blog and Etsy shop double/triple/quadrupled and my pieces actually sold like proverbial hot cakes!!

I sat, jaw open, in front of my PC, absolutely delighted, and completely overwhelmed by it all! So, firstly, an enormous thank you to the lovely Cheryl (a new Hare owner) who initially shard my work with Mister Finch, then to himself for sharing it, and to all the lovely people who've 'liked' and messaged me over the past couple of days!

So, here are new images of work which has gone already, and the promise of more to come soon!

Luna- little translucent white Hare, inspired by the mythological links Hares have with the moon. She has pale blue ears and tail :)

 'An intrepid little explorer' 

Little Chestnut- I'm in the process of moving out of my lovely home, in the grounds of Chestnuts House, so this one is a tribute to the place, where I've spent one and a half wonderful years! I have also ALWAYS loved chestnut horses with four white socks :) 

 Two little Unicorns- these are in the same material as Luna and are due to be finished over the weekend!

I'm also designing a double scale Hare, with extra contours over the layers, it's nearly finished and I'm cutting it on Saturday morning (no late Friday night for me!) I can't wait to see it in 3D! 

And then there's also the large Dappled Grey Shire (who has a name already, but I'll explain that later) who I just need to shape the head and design the legs to allow 'feathers' over them... 

AND I've got two commissions to be working on at the same time! And move house. And learn how to use a new laser cutter! Wish me luck! 

Monday, 15 April 2013

Recently I've been...

So, amidst all the thoughts of 'Where am I going to live/work?' and a severe (not really, I'm being dramatic) case of man-flu, I've done a few things. I haven't drawn horses for a while, so I thought I should. I like the idea of heavy-Shire-horse Unicorns, rather than petite Arabian types. I'd quite like to do a series of these sketches to support my articulates... 

And then this little Chestnut Pony is my most recent 3D piece. I get the feeling it's a 'she'...and she had to have four white socks, despite all the horsey poems saying they're bad! I've just picked up two lovely brown  fabrics for a two-tone mane and tail on this one. 

And this is a lovely photo sent by the paler Hare's new owner! It's so lovely to see them 'in-situe'! And all my protective feelings are helped when I know it's gone to a place where it will be treasured and loved :)

The workshop I use is currently moving house, to a bigger and better building with a huge amount of space! So while I'm waiting for the laser cutter to be set up there I've been thinking up new ideas- a team of 4-5 sea-horses, designed to look like the 'White Horses' you see on breaking waves. Maybe set as a group on a sweeping piece of wood... 

AND a large dappled grey shire horse, in wood. I think I'll really enjoy making the markings, and I've always love dapples. 

Monday, 8 April 2013

Zombie Pig

Zombie Pig- who actually looks pretty cheerful for a dead thing.

Sunday, 7 April 2013


Just a few sketches, both personal and commissioned work :) I've been drawing a lot recently, you forget how pleasing pencil on paper can be... I'd quite like to get back into screenprinting, maybe do a range of bags/cushions with these little oddities...

...aaaannd I thought I'd just drop this one in here too, an oldie but a goodie :) 

Drawing Project

Continuing on my lifelong theme of drawing strange and wonderful people- here are some images of my most recent sketches (plus older sketches at the bottom).

These ones are older, but on a similar theme of subculture and strange beauty.

Friday, 5 April 2013


So today turned out to be incredibly productive- after a few weeks umming and ahhing about the new hare's ear design, I just went ahead and did it! And the results were great. If I say so myself! And I managed to photograph a lot of things I'd been procrastinating about... SO here we are... Photo-dump!

Palomino Pony