Sunday, 21 April 2013

Introducing 'Bombylius Major' (w.i.p)...

I've wanted to make a big heavy Shire/Cob with a convex, 'Roman nose' for a while now. They're such powerful horses, yet typically so gentle.

He was christened Bombylius Major after a friend and I found a very odd looking bug on my floor one morning...with a long wiggly proboscis. After Googling & discovering it already had an official name we stopped calling it 'Wiggly Nose Bug'...and I really liked the word- Bombylius is just so lovely to say, plus Major suits a big it all fits :)

I've had to redesign the legs slightly so they could have feathers, and took a few attempts to get the shape right, but I'm really pleased with them now. Looking forward to seeing the final piece all together.

AND, whilst sitting in the park, waiting for my laser cut to finish, I had a eureka moment!

I'll put it in context- I love wings, natural engineering at it's absolute finest, in my opinion, so recreating them has been my 'Everest'...and all of a sudden, out of the blue- it clicked how I could do it in layers... Which means Birds, and potentially a Pegasus... I've got so much on at the moment I can't really do anything about it YET, but this sketch is the start of something...

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