Friday, 19 April 2013

Quick update!!

Well, since having a couple of my images shown on Mister Finch's page (enormous grin) my life has become a lot more interesting! The traffic to my Fb page and blog and Etsy shop double/triple/quadrupled and my pieces actually sold like proverbial hot cakes!!

I sat, jaw open, in front of my PC, absolutely delighted, and completely overwhelmed by it all! So, firstly, an enormous thank you to the lovely Cheryl (a new Hare owner) who initially shard my work with Mister Finch, then to himself for sharing it, and to all the lovely people who've 'liked' and messaged me over the past couple of days!

So, here are new images of work which has gone already, and the promise of more to come soon!

Luna- little translucent white Hare, inspired by the mythological links Hares have with the moon. She has pale blue ears and tail :)

 'An intrepid little explorer' 

Little Chestnut- I'm in the process of moving out of my lovely home, in the grounds of Chestnuts House, so this one is a tribute to the place, where I've spent one and a half wonderful years! I have also ALWAYS loved chestnut horses with four white socks :) 

 Two little Unicorns- these are in the same material as Luna and are due to be finished over the weekend!

I'm also designing a double scale Hare, with extra contours over the layers, it's nearly finished and I'm cutting it on Saturday morning (no late Friday night for me!) I can't wait to see it in 3D! 

And then there's also the large Dappled Grey Shire (who has a name already, but I'll explain that later) who I just need to shape the head and design the legs to allow 'feathers' over them... 

AND I've got two commissions to be working on at the same time! And move house. And learn how to use a new laser cutter! Wish me luck! 

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