Thursday, 29 August 2013

Storm- Park Photo-shoot

 My favourite photos from today.

All that really needs doing is the wooden stand being planed flat (also recycled materials) and he's finished, just couldn't resist taking these! 

Wednesday, 28 August 2013


So- I've been doing a lot of practical, real-life making recently, and neglecting my development work- such as the wings. I hit a bit of a brick wall with them a few months ago, and only really just came up with a better solution than starting from scratch...

But still- here is what my screen looks like when I'm working on the drawings!
Each separate piece is articulated, and has to fit with the ones above and below. And then the feathers have to move smoothly over each other until they reach the point where they must stop when open/folded...

This is definitely My Everest! It's coming along though, and recent requests for Ducks and Owls have spurred me on...

I'm also starting designs for Xmas... already! And really want to do something nice and beautiful and simple to counteract how stressful I find the wings! Possibly a little raptor...or a Mini-Ratty...

Punch, the Puppet horse is coming along too-

This little Ratty sold last week- off to Black Canyon in Arizona!!

And this guy is up for sale here-
(reduced as he's a slight second!) 

And this little Hare is on reserve, and then probably off to Australia!

All in all I'm quite content, despite post-festival (Shambala) blues! Lots on the way, many plans to keep me occupied. I'm considering moving back up North over Winter to watch Autumn in the countryside- the city can be so depressing as everything loses colour. But we shall see...

Storm is SO nearly finished, I just need to trim the ends of his leg bolts (need new hacksaw blades!) and give him a final coat of gloss, and then I'll be off to find a suitable location to take some pictures... Probably Richmond Park, where I took photos of the first big Unicorns. Seems so long ago now!  

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Sally's Collection!

About a year ago I received an email from a lady asking if I still made my articulating horses as she would like one- this was really the kickstart for me to pursue my art-work as a career, giving me the confidence that people really did want to buy 'grown up My Little Ponies'!

So a massive 'ThankYou!' to Sally, and here is her 'Herd' :)

The original 'White Horse'

Ponies in the background, on the top of the mountain 'plateau'!

Little Golden Unicorn

Little Dun Pony

 Little Black Pony- one of the first prototypes for the miniatures

I love this one! 

Improvised Mane and Tail ;) 

And the Original Horse, made even before the White Horse! 

Hope you like seeing your pictures up Sally! Laura x

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

More Storm!

In the one below you can see the little airbrushed cloud highlights I've added for more of a 'Stormy-Skies' effect.. 

Annnnnd a Chestnut commission I'm working on called 'Punch' for a puppet-maker! :D

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Little update :)

In progress pic!

Two mini Hares finished today- the darker one is already sold but I'll list the lighter one tomorrow probably. They have really beautiful feather pattern reclaimed silk ears. These are the first wooden ones I've done for a while, the laser cutter's being a bit odd again (technology!) but glad I'e got these done at least :) 

Annnnnd an update pic of Storm! I had an airbrush for my birthday and it's WONDERFUL! I've had a bit of a play before but this is my very own, the layers and shading possibilities give lots of scope for weird and wonderful colouring... 

He's going to be really quite heavy- I'm aiming to have him set up so he can support himself, but will definitely be on a stand to support the weight most of the time. 

Sunday, 4 August 2013


While I was unable to use any laser cutters a few months ago, a verrrrry wonderful person cut the pieces for a large horse on a router... It's taken a while to decide exactly what sort of style to finish it in (I was toying with the idea of making it 'Steampunk', with copper cogs etc, one for the future!), and sitting up watching a spectacular thunderstorm through my studio windows, lightning flashing across the black and grey skies- it came to me- a Storm-'flavoured' Horse!

So here's his progress so far-

The metal ruler is a 30cm one, for an idea of scale. 

Washing over the whole body with indian ink. 
Will have more layers and detail added.

Mane and tail are different greys, deep blue/purples and blacks (including the recycled fabric from an umbrella, which I thought was very apt!) with shots of electric shimmery blue to represent lightning! Looking forward to see if it works as I imagine when I slice it all up... 

It's been lovely working on something so much bigger and having different challenges at this scale- I've had to use metal 'stoppers' to prevent the joints over-extending, taking into account the added weight on the joints, and working in ply, which tends to look quite scruffy... But yes, it's looking good from here :D 

Saturday, 3 August 2013

New Large Hares!

These guys are the FIRST I've done in this scale for sale. They're in translucent acrylic, which I've mentioned before as it holds the light SO beautifully. The ears have wires running through them so they can be posed as alert/scared/content. 

Really pleased with this scale, they're a bit more of a feature-sculpture, looking forward to making some in wood too... 

The fabric is all reclaimed and re-used, and makes each Hare completely unique :) 

Green and silver silk ears and tail.

Rose & leopard-print fabric ears and tail.

Showing scale with my hand. And the back of the ears. 

Asking for a biscuit? I'm guessing Hares like biscuits... Haha

X-Ray Hares! 

Couldn't resist adding this one... :) Little character! 

Friday, 2 August 2013

New Mini Hares

 These are the first translucent mini's I've made in a while as it's been difficult to get hold of the material, however, finished now! One is already sold (buyer just deciding which) but the other will be online soon :)

Transparent picture! 

Reclaimed silk and cotton ears. Green has such tiny detail, and the purple-swirly just makes me think of Alice in Wonderland!