Saturday, 17 August 2013

Little update :)

In progress pic!

Two mini Hares finished today- the darker one is already sold but I'll list the lighter one tomorrow probably. They have really beautiful feather pattern reclaimed silk ears. These are the first wooden ones I've done for a while, the laser cutter's being a bit odd again (technology!) but glad I'e got these done at least :) 

Annnnnd an update pic of Storm! I had an airbrush for my birthday and it's WONDERFUL! I've had a bit of a play before but this is my very own, the layers and shading possibilities give lots of scope for weird and wonderful colouring... 

He's going to be really quite heavy- I'm aiming to have him set up so he can support himself, but will definitely be on a stand to support the weight most of the time. 

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