Saturday, 3 August 2013

New Large Hares!

These guys are the FIRST I've done in this scale for sale. They're in translucent acrylic, which I've mentioned before as it holds the light SO beautifully. The ears have wires running through them so they can be posed as alert/scared/content. 

Really pleased with this scale, they're a bit more of a feature-sculpture, looking forward to making some in wood too... 

The fabric is all reclaimed and re-used, and makes each Hare completely unique :) 

Green and silver silk ears and tail.

Rose & leopard-print fabric ears and tail.

Showing scale with my hand. And the back of the ears. 

Asking for a biscuit? I'm guessing Hares like biscuits... Haha

X-Ray Hares! 

Couldn't resist adding this one... :) Little character! 

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