Thursday, 22 August 2013

Sally's Collection!

About a year ago I received an email from a lady asking if I still made my articulating horses as she would like one- this was really the kickstart for me to pursue my art-work as a career, giving me the confidence that people really did want to buy 'grown up My Little Ponies'!

So a massive 'ThankYou!' to Sally, and here is her 'Herd' :)

The original 'White Horse'

Ponies in the background, on the top of the mountain 'plateau'!

Little Golden Unicorn

Little Dun Pony

 Little Black Pony- one of the first prototypes for the miniatures

I love this one! 

Improvised Mane and Tail ;) 

And the Original Horse, made even before the White Horse! 

Hope you like seeing your pictures up Sally! Laura x

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