Saturday, 14 September 2013


And I've also been working on these... I've been chewing over the problem of 3D rotation with wings- I didn't want to cop out and just have them flap up and down...when a bird/bat/dragon has so much more expression and movement than that... But I've come up with this little idea of a circular mount, and a 90degree twist of rotation (I'm sure there are more technical terms than these!) so it can move quite a lot!

Needs bluking up a bit to strengthen it, but I'm SO happy with how it opens and closes and looks in general! So there will be Dragons on the way, as well as flying Horses/Rats/Hares and maybe even Elephants! Haha.

I'm still (slowly!!) working on the bird-style wings too! So I could have a Devil/Angel theme I suppose...

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