Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Regency Rat

And he's finished!! Nicknamed 'Regency Rat' by a friend as he looks a bit regal in green and gold :) He's the first Ratty I've made for a while and it's really nice to see the familiar shape, expressions and poses these can hold. 

The sun came out for this one so it's a bit of an odd colour in comparison to the other shots (still trying to get to grips with photography!) but I really liked the pose so thought I'd use it anyway :)

Right! Back to work! :)

Friday, 21 June 2013

New Studio 2!!

So- another studio became available next f=door to mine, which was twice as big with windows on three sides and only a little more per month, so despite having only just settled in to my new one, I decided to move again, and I'm so pleased that I did. It's set me back a little with commissions and work, but definitely worth it as I now have dedicated desk space for messy work/painting/sanding/gluing and sewing, which makes the whole process of making much smoother :D

So here's a little pic...'s not quite that tidy any more...haha. 

And here's all the recent work I've been doing whilst, and since moving!

Re-designed head slightly for a chunkier look for Fjord commission. Really enjoyed working on his markings, and making the two tone vertical mane! 

Little Arabian Chestnut in progress

Little Black Thoroughbred-style head. 

Ponies!! Really like having them posed together as a little herd.  

Bombylius gets a proper stand.

Green 'RegencyRat'- first one I've made for a while, needs a few finishing touches and then will be available.

Hare commission.

Black and Red Hare commission.

And I've got some of the lovely translucent acrylic for some larger Hares on the way. Feels so good to be up and running again, plus the laser cutter I use is back in action! I need a lot more hours in the day to do everything I want to, but it's all coming along nicely :) 

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Bombylius Major (Sold)


So after a month (which has felt like a year) of being unable to use laser cutters due to being booked up or broken parts, I've finally had a batch of laser cutting done! Which means I can get through my commissions, AND make progress with new ideas and work.

So- Pictures :)

And a very lovely guy who saw me lamenting my lack of laser cutting offered to router cut a horse for me- so this is going to be a pretty big one! Think it's going to be quite dark, sort of like the embers of a bonfire, with some glowing reds and charcoal grey in the mane and tail... 

....and here's a little pic of my original prototype, who stands and watches me working all day!