Saturday, 20 July 2013

New Acrylic Hares

I'm quite excited about these two coloured Mini Hares, in blue and green, named Sky and Leaf :) They're in a very translucent acrylic which looks so lovely when it's layered up. 

And then these two full scale Hares in progress! I'm so pleased with the ears! I have a wooden version in this size to come too... 

And two Mini Hares in translucent white with recycled silk & cotton ears & tails :) One already has a home, but the other should be available soon! 

Friday, 5 July 2013

Purple Ratty!

Recycled silk and cotton ears & tail. Gold-painted teeth and claws.

To give an idea of size with my (admittedly quite little) hand.

With careful posing, and the aid of a tail, they can stand and hold this position easily.

I'm really pleased with the colouring on this one, using blue and pink inks combined. They blend through the grain of the wood for a shimmery striated effect.

Body is jointed to enable them to curl up quite realistically.

Absolutely LOVE this silk. Off-cut from Paul Smith, very kindly given to me by my bestie, Sam, from Violet Mae & Lucas  x

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

New work :)

So, work's been going really well, got loads of pieces finished and sent off (sad-but-happy goodbyes!) and generally loving the sun in the studio and views over South London, while gluing and sewing and bolting to my heart's content. 

Visited New Designers, where I exhibited two years ago, with my friend Sam who has just graduated and had her wonderful textiles on show. Saw lots of amazing pieces, I'll do a blog later with images from there on, once I sort through my business cards and attach names to pictures. 

Anyway! Here's the latest!  

'Emerald' commission, mini pony.

Blue/green Hare commission for the friend of the lady who bought Bombylius :) They're all in a parcel on it's way to the USA, keeping each other company.

Pink Hare, 'Gwendolyn'. Available soon! I love this fabric! From a distance it's a standard pattern, but close up there are all these little strange faces! I think it's originally by Grayson Perry. The offcut was donated to me by my lovely friend Gwen- hence the name :D 

Blue Hare- available soon! Blue being my favourite colour, I couldn't resist doing a 'blue-point' one. His ears are made from a loose-weave chunky cotton (I think, textiles are not my strong point, but I'm learning!!) 

Necklace for my friend Carrie, she'd asked for this before I moved and all the laser cutters stopped working, so it's taken a while! But I hope she likes it. 

'Squeeak' Preview of my latest Ratty. She has lovely Paul Smith silk (offcut) and recycled cotton ears and tail. She doesn't have a name yet, but I'm really pleased with her. Looking forward to getting some proper photos when she's finished. 

And this is the sunrise from my studio window! So beautiful, you can really feel that primeval surge of excitement as it comes up, bringing warmth and light. 

And this!! It's the reflection from my iron onto my desk! I just thought it was so pretty...I've upped the saturation and contrast a little in Photoshop, but other than that it's real. I think it looks like a space nebula r something...