Thursday, 27 March 2014

The Golden Pony

'The Golden Pony' is an articulated model, or sculpture, made from wood. She has a stiffened golden fabric mane and tail, with golden hooves. The wood has been oiled and polished so it really gleams! She's the first medium sized horse I've made with little ears too! 

She has 20 points of articulation, the neck arches and stretches very realistically- moves all the way down for 'grazing' or can be held high as though startled. The legs are realistically jointed, so they can be posed in many lifelike stances. 

The tail also has a bendy wire in it so it can be held high when prancing, or swept out behind as though in motion. 

She will stand unaided on 3/4 hooves, but also comes with a stand for rearing/galloping etc! 

Available now! The Golden Pony

She stands about 15cm/6in tall, I've included a picture of her standing on my hand to give an impression of the size. 

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